Friday, 30 October 2009

Miss Frank : That's Life after X-Factor

It is always tough after the highs of X-Factor for so many contestants, the emotional high followed by what can only be described as public rejection when you are voted off.

Many never recover and it was widely expected that Miss Frank would go that way because the girls were "forced" together by the X-Factor judges, so it is good to see them still going strong.

Graziella Affinita, Shaniece Davis and Shar Alexandra, who make up the three-piece group Miss Frank, were at Asda in Garston on the outskirts of Watford where they performed a live set organised by Talk Talk.

An excited Helen Eamus, 22, said: “I really love X Factor.

“I’ve been following this series and have supported the twins John and Edward and Miss Frank. I couldn’t wait to see the girls perform here today, it’s brilliant.”

Children and adults scrambled to get as close to the trio as possible, as the girls performed a rendition of Aretha Franklin’s “Respect”, Rose Royce’s “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore” and their audition-song Frank Sinatra's “That’s Life”.

Putting her own spin on each of the tracks, Graziella Affinita sang her trademark raps halfway through the songs, while the other girls accompanied her in soulful harmony.

Ian Frampton, 33, who was accompanied by his children, said: “We were shopping in Asda and heard that the girls would be performing.

“I’ve been watching the X Factor this year and thought the girls were great. They shouldn’t have left this week, not when you look at who they were up against. They were fantastic then and they’re fantastic now.”

After their brief gig, Miss Frank happily signed photos for eager fans as they expressed their happiness at performing in Asda, but their disappointment at having to leave X Factor early.

Graziella Affinita said: “It’s great to perform here in Asda, the show went really well and we’ve had a great reception. Of course we would have liked to have carried on with X Factor, but it’s just the way it is.

“You could say it’s a bit like the song we just performed, “That’s life.”

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