Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Miss Frank say "Give Jedward a chance"

Miss Frank who are currently touring the country after their shock exit from the X-Factor have asked that the Twins Jonathan and Edward Grimes be given a chance.

They were speaking to the South Yorkshire Star in Barnsley. "Those guys are like our little brothers, they're such good boys," said rapper Graziella Affinita, aged 25.

"They work harder than anyone else, they have dance routines to learn and they get so much stick but they just keep going, we'd love to see them go all the way."

"Anyone who says anything against them will be in trouble with us," added Shaniece Davis, 21.

The girls said that the highlight of the show for them was obviously meeting one another and that Britain has not heard the last of Miss Frank.

"X Factor is such a great platform and obviously the best part for us was meeting one another and getting together," said Shar Alexander, 25. "It feels like we've already known each other for years, these girls are like my sisters."

Graziella, Shaniece and Shar Alexandra performed at the Barnsley nightclub to a packed house with fantastic covers of Cry Me A River and Aretha Franklin's Respect, ahead of their After Dark performance at Don Valley Bowl on Thursday.

"Everyone in that show is there for a reason," Shar added when asked who they'd like to see win.

"I'd love to see any one of them make it to the top."

"It's such a shame we had to get voted off but that is the nature of the show and it was such a great experience," added Graziella. "But you'll definitely be hearing more of Miss Frank so watch out!"

When asked what their favourite part of visiting Yorkshire was, Graziella said: "Definitely the Sunday dinners. We love that you guys have them every day of the week up in the North, we've already had three this week!"

All of the rejects will all be performing at 1am at Escapade nightclub in Barnsley every Wednesday night as they are eliminated so don't miss your favourite!

X FACTOR evictee Rachel Adedeji will perform in Barnsley on Wednesday and Chesterfield on Thursday after being booted off the hit ITV show.

The gravelly voiced 18-year-old will be the fourth act to appear at Escapade nightspots in Barnsley and Chesterfield and meet and greet their fans.

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